Almond vs Soy Milk

There is a huge debate in regards to what kind of milk is better for your health. There are many people who argue that soy milk is the best kind of milk available, but others have come to realize that almond milk is packed with vitamins and nutrients that provide benefits that can’t be found in soy milk. In this article we are going to give you the main reasons why almond milk is a better choice than soy milk.

The most attractive thing about both of them equally is that they provide a perfect substitute for people who are on vegan diets and also people who can’t handle dairy products. The benefits of almond milk over soy is that almond milk has less starch and this means that there are less calories in it, which makes it perfect for people who are cutting weight but still want to get nutrients and vitamins from them beverage. Soy milk does contain more protein, but this is a high price to pay for the high caloric content.

Almond milk and soy milk have similar vitamins and minerals but almond milk has a higher amount of vitamin E and manganese which is why it has been known for its anti-aging qualities. Your skin will definitely see a lot more benefits from almond milk. This is a very important thing that most people find to be the biggest reason to choose almond over soy.

Milk Nutrition
Milk Nutrition Chart by courtesy of LiveScience

There are also some studies that suggest that soy milk might be better for older people because it helps prevent prostate cancer in men and provides relief for post-menopausal symptoms in women. The problem is that according to the same studies, soy milk can have negative effects on people who are still on their reproductive years as it has been known to lower sperm count and reduce fertility in general.

There are benefits to both of them, but there is no doubt that if you really want to choose the best milk for the longer list of benefits, you will be making the right choice if you purchase almond milk for your daily consumption of vitamins and minerals that will help you boost your immune system and your general health will certainly be upgraded. You will feel more energetic, your memory will be stronger and your heart will also be healthier. Those are more than enough reasons to choose almond milk.