Cashew Nut Milk - Nutrition

Many raw diet enthusiasts prefer cashew nut milk instead of soy or cow’s milk. There are many reasons for this but the main ones tend to be related to the health benefits of cashew nut milk, relative to other types of milk.

In the case of soy milk for example, it could cause allergies or other immune system problems because of the protein called Casein which is present in the cow’s milk. For that reason, cashew nut milk is one perfect alternative. Today we will take a look on 5 interesting facts about cashew nut milk nutrition.


1. Cashew nut milk is rich in vitamins and anti-oxidants

Cashew milk is rich in vitamins like thiamine, pantothenic acid, niacin, riboflavin and more. These vitamins can keep you safe from symptoms like pellagra and anaemia. Cashew nut milk also fights greatly against free radicals, which harm our health.


2. Weight loss is possible when using cashew nut milk

If you compare cashew milk to other nut milk, you will notice that cashew has lower fat content. This fact makes cashew milk suitable for anyone who are looking for low calorie diet or raw feeding. In fact some folks actually  consider one glass of cashew milk to be the equivalent of one meal. In many forums associated with fitness activities, you can see that cashew nut milk is strongly recommended by many experts in this niche.


3. Cashew nut milk helps hair and bones to be healthier and stronger

The main content of cashew milk is magnesium which, like calcium, supports our bones. The mineral called copper is also available in cashew nut milk. This mineral maintains the shine and healthy look of our hair.


4. Our nerves are healthy when using cashew milk

On the bone surface magnesium is stored to stop calcium from entering the nerves. This keeps muscle and blood vessels in a better state. The poor amount of magnesium, possibly can lead to migraines, high blood pressure, osteoporosis and bad sleep.


5. Cashew nut milk helps to our heart, teeth and gums

As I mentioned before magnesium helps not only to strength our bones, but also help to hold our teeth and gums strongly together. This way our gums are kept healthy and the chance of getting some gum disease is greatly reduced.

I hope these facts can help you understand the many benefits that cashew nut milk provides.