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As we all know some beverages taste better when home-made. But in today’s life in the fast lane it is not always possible to make all of our favorite drinks at home especially if we work night and day around the clock. Cashew nut milk is no exception to this rule. Surely all of us know the easiest way to prepare it yourself at home is by blending together raw cashew nuts with some filtered water for a few minutes until you get that desirable beverage.

But of course it is not always possible to make it ourselves especially when we need to buy extra products to make the milk sweeter. The purpose of this article is to show you some buying alternatives to help you pick from the best locations out there.

The most easy one to buy cashew milk is to do it online. Amazon provides some good choices but I recommend the following:


buy cashew milk online

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If you prefer offline shipping, here are a few places you can buy cashew milk

  • OMilk. One of the most famous cashew nut milk distributors in the USA is OMilk. If you are from New York you can order a home delivery straight from their website Their primary retail locations are in Brooklyn and Manhattan.
  • Juice Hugger. Juice Hugger is another beverage company based in Brooklyn, New York. They claim their products to be without preservatives and artificial colors, and not pasteurized. You have two options of buying a cashew nut milk with them; either directly from their Brooklyn caf? or order online 24 hours in advance. They also leave the choice of agave nectar to you.
  • Whole Foods Market. Whole Foods Market is a big American company with the motto of providing you with the finest organic and natural foods available out there. This is probably our best choice so far since the company has stores not only across the USA but also in the United Kingdom and Canada.
  • As we all know is an online store which can be accessed from all-over the world thus giving its customers the opportunity of ordering from the comfort of their homes. Shipping usually takes from 2 to 4 days depending on your region.
  • Rita Food & Drink Co., Ltd. Rita Food & Drink is based in Vietnam and it’s specialized in the production of canned drinks. Their carton producing capacity per year is 3 million. They sell their products mainly locally but via the Alibaba Group they can reach to their customers even globally.

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So, there you have it. This article points you out some of the best places to buy cashew nut milk if you’re a vegan, lactose intolerant or simply don’t have the time to make it yourself at home.