Cashew Nut Milk Recipes

How To Make My Own Cashew Nut Milk

If you are one of those people who like trying out new recipes then keep reading; this article is for you. A good reason for trying cashew nut milk is that it’s one of the best alternatives for people who are intolerant to lactose. Among other reasons are the numerous health benefits cashew milk has to offer. It’s rich in B vitamins, magnesium and copper. Not to mention it is

5 Delicious Cashew Milk Shake Recipes

This article will cover 5 delicious cashew milk shake recipes you can easily make from the comfort of your home.   #1: Cashew Milk Shake with Dried Figs The first recipe we will cover here is Cashew Milk Shake with Dried Figs. For this you are going to need the following products: A small cup of cashew nuts; 5-6 counts of dried figs; 1 cup of milk; 2 tsp of