Hazelnut milk is starting to get the attention of healthy beverage drinkers as an alternative to diary milk and even other types of nut milk such as almond nut milk. In this article, I have round up several delicious and easy to make smoothie recipes using hazelnut milk as the main ingredient. I guarantee that using these recipes, your smoothies will taste as good as those made from diary milk products. Let’s take a look at these recipes now.

#1: Avocado and hazelnut milk coffee smoothie recipe

coffee and hazelnut milk smoothie recipe

This recipe is a twist on the classic Sinh To Bo recipe, which is the name for Vietnam avocado shake. By adding coffee and hazelnut milk, it makes the drink a richer and tastier experience.

See the recipe here.


#2: Chocolate hazelnut milk smoothie recipe

Hazelnut chocolate banana smoothie recipe

Besides the actual recipe, this particular article provides a lot of other hazelnut milk recipes including instructions on how to make your own hazelnut milk and cakes. If you like to experiment with the different recipes, this article will be perfect for you.

See recipe here.


#3: Chocolate hazelnut banana smoothie recipe

Chocolate Hazelnut Banana Smoothie recipe

Here is another delicious and easy to make chocolate hazelnut milk smoothie recipe. This one added banana to the mixture to increase the thickness of the beverage. In the recipe, the creator says you are use any type of milk, including hazelnut milk 🙂

See recipe here.


#4: Chocolate hazelnut smoothie with almond milk

Chocolate hazelnut smoothie with almond milk recipe

In this recipe, the hazelnut favors comes from the hazelnut butter that is used in the ingredients list. The milk portion is actually almond milk but I think it is not a problem to use hazelnut milk if you want.

See the whole recipe here.