cashew nut milk

Probably many of you are not familiar with cashew nut milk. Most of you would ask “What taste this milk has, and is it healthy?” In this small guide about cashew nut milk, we will find out how to prepare a cashew nut milk and the amount of the calories that it provides.

Primarily, we are about to find out how to prepare such a drink. For the purpose you need raw cashew nuts and water. Preferable water could be spring or the purified one. For one glass of nut milk, you need roughly fifty grams of raw cashew nuts. Put the nuts you are going to use for milk to soak in water for six to twelve hours in refrigerator. This way cashew nuts are healthier, and you can take more benefits when eating them. To prepare the cashew milk you need to blender the nuts with the proper amount of water. For approximately one minute your cashew nut milk will be ready for consuming.

Keep in mind that the cashew milk is lactose and gluten free, which make it a very good or even a better alternative than the regular cow or soy milk. Many people who wanted to lose weight can try this full of benefits milk. The cashew milk is also proven to be cholesterol free, which make it a perfect beverage for any diet.


Calories in Cashew Nut

raw cashew nut calories

The flavor of cashew milk is sweet and nutty. The consistence is creamy and very rich. Additionally cashews are good source of copper, magnesium and calcium. Copper has very important functions as melanin production, iron absorption and connective tissue. In 280 grams of cashew nut milk there are approximately 220 calories. Try not to drink all of it in one breath, because it is possible to cause some health issue. In this serving size you also got 15 grams of fat where trans-fat is not in presence. The rest of ingredients you can mix in your blender machine are cinnamon, vanilla or honey for better taste and benefits. Once you try this milk, you will see how good alternative of the cow’s milk is it, without the allergies you can get. The cashew milk can be used in many ways. For example you, can use this milk for baking a cholesterol free cake or other sweet stuff you like to prepare using a regular milk.